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Armani Suit

A guide for learning about how to find a great linen suit and other types of suits

Armani has become a world renowned name in the fashion industry. The Armani suit is known primarily for its unparalleled quality. Most common folk wouldn’t consider purchasing an Armani suit as they are very expensive compared to your typical business suit. You can find an Armani suit in many different designs. They use many different materials such as softer silks, linens, wools and wool crepes. There are also many different options for buttons and pockets. Pants come in pleated or flat front with reinforced pockets and the option of button flies.

Interestingly, the founder of Armani House, Giorgio Armani, did not receive professional training in fashion design. After ten years of working in a department store, Giorgio Armani designed a line of menswear for Nino Cerruti. In 1970, Armani became a freelance designer and consultant. The Armani suit is what founded the company. The Armani fashion house was founded in 1975. In the 1980’s, after Richard Gere wore Armani suits in American Gigolo, the Armani suit symbolized an era of international economic boom as Armani’s career exploded leading to Armani being Italy’s most successful fashion designer today.

The Armani suit is notorious for appearing rumpled and relaxed. Armani accomplished this by making the Armani suit without using any stiffeners and by pulling out the lining and padding. He made longer jackets with baggier pockets and thinner lapels. Giorgio Armani created the “wedge shaped power suit” by adding padding to and extending the shoulders of the jacket and by lowering and widening the lapels. The Armani suit, despite its changes over the years, always manages to stay casual and comfortable.

Armani has taken men’s jackets in smaller sizes and tailored them to fit women. That was unheard of among fashion designers but now the Armani suit has been tailored to accommodate both men and women. The women’s Armani suit is flattering to the figure and leaves women feeling confident and classy. Armani now develops clothing lines for both men and women internationally and seems to keep his focus on enhancing the sense of well-being for his customers. Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Jodie Foster, and Jack Nicholson still rely on the Armani suit to look and feel elegant for Hollywood events.

The Armani suit is one of the more expensive suits to shop for. The price will vary greatly depending on the range and style. You can expect to pay at least $1500 on an Armani suit and that’s if you’re searching for bargains online. The Armani suit has become a status symbol for both men and women because of its classic simplicity and comfort. The Armani suit could be considered the best of the best and high fashion suits come with the understanding that such elegance comes with a hefty price tag. Today, Giorgio Armani is one of the leading fashion designers in the world. Some would say that purchasing an Armani suit should be considered an investment as the quality of the Armani suit will last for years and years with the proper care.